Environmental Certificate Granted

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Magnis Resources Limited (ASX:MNS) (“Magnis”) or the (“Company”) is pleased to announce that the Nachu Graphite Project has been issued with an Environmental Certificate by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) of Tanzania. 

This certificate is an essential component for the granting of a Mining Licence in Tanzania. The issue of the Environmental Certificate is based on the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) submitted to NEMC by the Company’s consultants, MTL Consulting of Tanzania and Digby Wells Environmental of South Africa. 

Chairman Frank Poullas commented: “The granting of the Environmental Certificate is a major milestone and brings us one step closer to receiving our Mining License. With each milestone that we hit our world class Nachu Graphite Project is further de-risked and advances closer towards our end goal of production.” 

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Minister of State for Environment, Hon. Eng. Dr. Binilith Satano Mahenge (MP) as well as the staff of the Vice President’s Office and NEMC for their support of this project. The Company is also very grateful to all the consultants involved in obtaining this certificate, especially MTL Consulting and Digby Wells Environmental for producing a high quality EIS on time.” 

The Company has also been working closely with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) regarding the previously submitted application for a Mining Licence to MEM so an evaluation of the Mining Licence could run in parallel with the assessment of the EIS by NEMC. Now that the Environmental Certificate has been issued we expect that the Mining Licence will be approved in the near future. 

The aim of the Company was always to complete the EIS to International Finance Corporation (IFC) standards so that it would conform to necessary permitting and funding requirements for the Project. To achieve this, the Company had both the Tanzanian and international consultants conduct the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) which formed the basis for the EIS. MTL Consulting is a very experienced consultancy in Tanzania who has worked on many projects in the country and Digby Wells Environmental have a wide range of international experience. Their efforts combined to produce a thorough study and assessment.

Mr Frank Poullas - Chairman

Magnis Resources Limited