Distinguished Professor Whittingham Joins the Magnis Board

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Magnis Resources Limited (ASX:MNS) (“Magnis”) is very pleased to appoint and welcome Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham as a Non-Executive Director.

Chairman Frank Poullas commented: “The ability to attract an appointment of this calibre onto the board clearly demonstrates the quality of Magnis Nachu Graphite. Earlier in the week we were delighted to announce two new directors with over six decades of executive experience in the mining, finance and the corporate sector. Today’s appointment now adds a level of experience and knowledge in the Lithium-ion battery industry that is of the highest order.”

“It is a great privilege to have a key inventor of the Lithium-ion battery join and be a direct part of Magnis’ exciting story, and on behalf of our board, management team and shareholders, sincerely welcome Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham.”

Professor Whittingham commented: “It is unique for me to join the board of a company but I’m excited by the graphite produced at Nachu. To be able to achieve the battery grade purity and performance minus the use of any chemical purification using Magnis graphite will be a game-changer for the industry and I’m excited to be part of the organisation.”

Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham (Non-Executive Director)

Professor Whittingham has over four decades of experience in the Lithium-ion battery industry and is best known for being a key figure in the invention of the Lithium-ion battery technology which earned him a nomination for the Nobel Science Prize.

During his illustrious career Professor Whittingham has headed large projects for the US Department of Energy, Exxon and Schlumberger. He has 16 US patents and has been involved in writing over 300 pieces of scientific and engineering literature.

Currently, Professor Whittingham is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and a Director of both the Materials Research and Materials Science and Engineering program at Binghamton University which is part of the State University of New York. Professor Whittingham is also Director of the Northeast Center for Chemical Energy Storage (NECCES), which is an effort being led by Binghamton University, and includes as partners Rutgers University, Argonne National Laboratory, Cambridge University, MIT, University of Michigan, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of California at Berkeley, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

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