Environment & Community


Community engagement is a central part of Magnis operations. From the earliest stages of exploration right through to project development it is very important to communicate regularly with stakeholders. 

For all Magnis tenements in Tanzania the Magnis Community Liaison Officer meets personally with Regional, District and Village leaders to discuss upcoming exploration activities. The consultation process has been effective in maintaining positive relationships with local stakeholders.

The Company contributes to the needs of communities in the project areas through the Magnis Community Partnership Program (UCPP). In accordance with this program, Magnis contributes to community development in areas such as cultural awareness, education, agriculture, environment, sport and health. 


At Magnis, we believe that sustainable development is an essential aspect of our business. We are committed to the principles of biodiversity conservation and sound environmental management. We are committed to working closely with local communities and stakeholders to provide positive social and environmental outcomes. Magnis works in collaboration with governments in Australia and Tanzania to ensure best practice environmental management throughout the life of our projects and activities.

Health & Safety

Magnis considers that the well being of our employees is a priority in all aspects of our business. We do not compromise our health and safety values. Our goal is to maintain an injury free and illness free workplace. Magnis strives to develop a strong and effective health and safety culture. All employees are encouraged to take responsibility for health and safety and to participate in continuous improvement processes.